Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Floral Tattoo Designs

As the popularity of tattoos has spread to include the female members of society, you can bet your bottom dollar that floral designs have always been one of the most popular choices for them. The reasons for this are absolutely obvious: floral designs are pretty; they can rely on the use of plenty of colors and they can add a tasteful and elegant definition for any woman.

Floral Tattoo DesignsFloral Tattoo Designs

The most popular species of flowers that are used in tattoo designs include the rose, orchids, lilies and daisies. These will always be able to represent a piece that is dainty and feminine and this is what definitely seems to appeal to many women.

Floral Tattoo DesignsFloral Tattoo Designs

There are definite trends wherein women seem to favor having their pieces placed. These choices allow the wearer to expose the piece when she wants to, but be able to cover it at all other times. The shoulder and lower back area are probably the most popular locations nowadays; but the underside of the wrist, lower ankle and even the foot itself are also fashionable. A quick word of warning here though, if you are looking for a tattoo to be done on the foot itself - this can be a notoriously painful location as there are a lot of small bones in this region.

Floral Tattoo DesignsFloral Tattoo Designs

It is funny to see how fashions change and adapt as far as tattoos go, as around twenty or thirty years ago, floral tattoo designs were quite restricted for men. Of course, you had the ever popular and 'old school' choice of a rose with the name of a loved one associated with it, but today floral tattoos are becoming increasingly popular among the guys.

Floral Tattoo DesignsFloral Tattoo Designs

In fact, men think nothing of opting for quite feminine-looking designs and will even go as far as full sleeves worth of this body art. The youngest generation to come onto the tattoo scene are especially keen on this style.

Floral Tattoo DesignsFloral Tattoo Designs

Floral designs can come in any form you choose. In fact, they can even be a part of a very masculine piece if the surrounding artwork is able to tone the flower's beauty right down. A good example of what I mean here would be Japanese water flowers that are incorporated into awesome large pieces that scream masculinity, but include these flowers amazingly well.

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